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Moovi Scan, the dynamic film and production company, is thrilled to partner with EkaScan Technologies to bring audiences a slate of exciting new releases. From the thrilling tale of social media dominance in “The Influencer” to the hip and hilarious reality series “SwaGGerscan and Chill,” Moovi Scan and EkaScan Technologies are pushing the envelope of what’s possible in film and television. But it’s not all fun and games – “The Quiet Pandemic” tackles the difficult realities of mental health, the internet privacy and addiction, and the COVID-19 crisis, while “Single Model” explores the gritty world of high fashion love. Each release is saturated with Moovi Scan’s signature style and creativity, brought to life through EkaScan Technologies’ cutting-edge technology. Get ready to be transported to entirely new worlds with Moovi Scan and EkaScan Technologies at the helm.

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